Worth knowing - Royal Copenhagen Blue and Black Mega Riflet

Blue Mega Riflet and Black Mega Riflet are two frames that give new and exciting expressions to a historic design. The new perspectives are a testament to how the newer products from Royal Copenhagen manage to unite history and innovation, creating a timeless design that will grace any dining table.

Blue Mega Riflet

Blue Mega Riflet has its roots in the well-known blue floral pattern of the Musselmalet Riflet. Blue Mega Riflet is a modern classic, with the set reinterpreting the well-known Royal Copenhagen pattern in an enlarged version on each piece of unique, hand-painted porcelain.

With its innovative aesthetic that combines historical authenticity and innovative creativity, the Blue Mega Riflet quickly became beloved by many.

Royal Copenhagen på bakke

The perfect gift idea

Spring and summer offer many celebrations, everything from confirmations to weddings will fill the calendar. So, of course, gifts are needed. Finding the right gift can be difficult, but luckily you'll never go wrong with a gift from Royal Copenhagen. Put together a piece in a gift box with other small gifts to create a personal and unique gift.

Royal Copenhagen borddækning

A modern classic from Royal Copenhagen

The popular set was designed by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen in 2000. Karen Kjældgård-Larsen found her inspiration for the set in the historical shell-painted pattern. She wanted to create a design that would both honour the historic pattern, but also give a fresh breath and new perspective to the classic aesthetic. Despite the fact that the Musselmalet Riflet is known and loved the world over and often passed down through generations in many Danish families, Karen Kjældgård-Larsen managed to create a set that quickly became popular.

Royal Copenhagen kopper

Mix and match your sets

You don't have to invest in one whole set to create a beautiful table setting. You can combine several different sets to create a more personal and unique look. Mix new and old and play around with different patterns, it's guaranteed to add a beautiful look to your coffee table or big dinner party.

Royal Copenhagen og morgenmad

Black Mega Rifle

Black Mega Riflet was created in 2006 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen for Royal Copenhagen. As with the Blue Mega Riflet, Karen Kjældgård-Larsen creates a new interpretation of the classic, bridging the gap between the new and the familiar. The monochrome and modern expression truly shows how uniquely a classic can be interpreted without losing its essence.

Royal Copenhagen med blomster

Monochrome masterpiece

Black Mega Riflet is a modern and sophisticated frame that suits any home. The black hand-painted flowers on the white porcelain create a sharp and classic look that is well suited for the modern table setting. The set pays homage to the modern and spices it up with a dramatic contrast.

Royal Copenhagen i opvaskemaskine

How to care for your Royal Copenhagen porcelain

Here we give you tips on how to best care for your Royal Copenhagen Mega Riflet.


Mega Riflet is a set decorated in traditional underglaze, high-fired porcelain, and is therefore dishwasher safe.


As a general rule, all Royal Copenhagen dinnerware without metal decoration can be microwaved. However, we recommend that you always follow the product information for the individual product.


The Mega Riflet is ovenproof and can generally be placed in a conventional oven. However, care must be taken when heating and cooling the rack, as the temperature difference can become so great that the porcelain can crack and break.


All Royal Copenhagen sets can be put in the freezer. However, care must be taken not to heat the porcelain too quickly when defrosting.

Traces of use

Unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent your set from showing signs of use. A good tip for stains from cutlery is to use quicklime, which can usually remove these marks.


Over time, coffee and tea can discolour your mugs and cups. These discolorations can be removed with soft scouring powder, by soaking in a light chlorine solution. You can also try the old home remedy and use a scouring pad with coarse salt.