Learn more about Royal Copenhagen Christmas sets

Royal Copenhagen 's historic and beautiful Christmas plates and sets have created a timeless tradition that has graced Danish homes since 1908. Decorate your Christmas table with the unique Stjerne Riflet Christmas set and set the scene for a cozy Christmas dinner with the family.

Royal Copenhagen Stjerne Riflet Christmas

Christmas calls for traditions and cosiness! One tradition that we love is the beautiful Stjerne Riflet Christmas set from Royal Copenhagen. The beautiful decorations date back to 1738, where the tradition has been proudly carried on through generations. The set adorns any Christmas table and frames the classic Danish Christmas tradition. The idea behind Stjerne Riflet Christmas is that you can create new Christmas traditions by adding small, personal elements to make the tradition your own.

The inspiration behind Stjerne Riflet Jul

Stjerne Riflet Christmas was created in 2006, but the inspiration and tradition can be traced back to the 19th century. The set's beautiful motif of spruce garlands, silk bows, hearts, drums, angels and crepe houses is inspired by the popular tale of Peter's Christmas. The magic Christmas set is named after the special star shape that the original Christmas set also had. Star Rifle Christmas sets the scene for one of the most beloved Christmas traditions; setting a beautiful Christmas table, ready for the delicious food of the season with loved ones.

A unique Christmas with Royal Copenhagen

All decorations on Stjerne Riflet Christmas have a unique design. Stjerne Riflet Jul is made of classic cream coloured bone china. Each piece is decorated with a unique spruce garland adorned with specially selected Christmas ornaments, ensuring that no two pieces of porcelain are alike. The special and unique design is truly a story of the very special and magical time of Christmas.

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates

Royal Copenhagen has released a new annual plate every year since 1908. Each year carries its own unique motif that tells a story of an unforgettable moment; like the kneeling angel from 1945, marking the end of World War II. The relief for the motif is hand-carved from the artist's drawing and made according to the old and proud craft traditions. Many different artists have designed the various parts over the years, which consist of a plate and the figures of the year. Each product is a tale of Danish cultural history. The velvet items are a historic and much-loved tradition in many homes.