5 tips for your table setting from moodings

5 Tips for your table setting from Moodings

Most people are familiar with Emma Gad and her many rules of domestic decorum. Sets like flora Danica and mussel patterned china were a must in every table setting when Emma Gad set the agenda in Danish homes years ago. Much has changed since then. Today, bowls from one set are mixed with plates from another. Sets and tableware are put together in a variety of ways based on personal favourites from different sets. Although much has changed since Emma Gad published Tact and Tonemany of the tips from the seasoned housewife are still relevant today. At Moodings, we've put together a guideline of 5 tips for setting a beautiful table

Room for arm movement

Not everyone has large dining rooms, and in many homes space around the dining table can be at a premium. It can be hard to see with your eyes how many people can sit around a table before guests have taken their seats. A good rule of thumb here is that a guest should have at least 55 cm of "elbow room" per place setting, and preferably more if space allows.

Placing cutlery

It is not always easy to remember where and how to place knives and forks when setting the table. If you don't want to get it wrong, here are a few tips. Remember that cutlery is always used from the outside in. This means that a soup spoon should be placed on the far right if it is the first course. Then place forks on the left and knives on the right. Next, place the dessert cutlery above the plate. *Hint* If you have finished eating, place knife and fork parallel on the plate, this way you signal that you have finished eating.

Where should the glass be?

As with cutlery, there are also rules for glass placement. The row of glasses should be placed right at the edge of the table. The glasses are used in the order from which the wine is to be drunk, which is from right to left, with the red wine glass in the middle. The order is as follows: White wine glass, red wine glass, dessert wine glass. The water glass is placed to the left of the white wine glass on the extreme right. Remember to hold the stem of the glass when drinking so as not to clog the glass.

Remember to drink water with

Without water and drink, the hero is no good. Always make sure there is plenty of water on the table so your guests don't go thirsty. It's usually the wine that's the focus when it comes to drinks. But it's just as important to make sure there's water on the table.

Flowers and decorations

As a final touch to your table setting, you can add flowers and decorations. It doesn't take much to spice up a table setting. Flowers or branches from nature work well as table decorations for almost any occasion. However, be careful not to use flowers with too strong a scent, as this can be a nuisance to guests during the meal.