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Bar stools

Bar stools create a special atmosphere, ideal for the kitchen, home bar, high table or anywhere else. See our wide range of beautiful bar stools in all kinds of colours, shapes and materials. Find the perfect bar stools for your home decor below.

Shop modern bar stools at Moodings

At Moodings you'll find the perfect bar stool, whatever its purpose. We have a large and beautiful selection of modern bar stools in every variation imaginable. Whatever colour, material, size or look you're looking for in a bar stool, you'll find it at Moodings. All our bar stools are carefully selected from and in collaboration with some of the country's best and most recognized brands such as Fritz Hansen, HAY, Gubi, Menu, By Lassen, Ferm Living, Frama, Muuto, Mater, Muubs, Nordal, &Tradition, AYTM, Million, Hübsch and many more. So, as you can probably both read and see, these are genuine designer bar stools that will look great in any setting, whether we're talking a kitchen, bar, café, canteen, institution or something else entirely. With bar stools from Moodings, not only do you get bar stools that look tremendous, you also get bar stools that have an extremely long lifespan, both physically and aesthetically. The possibilities are endless, and you have every opportunity to create a personal interior with lots of character when you use bar stools in your decor.

Bar stools with or without backrest

To draw the lines a bit, there are two types of bar stools: those with backrests and those without. Which type of bar stool you choose is largely a matter of taste and the level of comfort and expression you are aiming for.

Generally speaking, the two different types of bar stools have two different functions. Bar stools with backrests are perfect for situations where you need to eat or sit for a little longer. In these cases, you will often need more comfort than is the case with bar stools without backrest. This could for example be for use in a kitchen, canteen or restaurant. Bar stools without backrest have a lighter and more minimalist look. Even if you don't have quite the same comfort, you can still sit quite comfortably. These chairs are perfect in a bar or general setting where it is more informal.

Decorating with bar stools

When it comes to finding the right bar stools, it's important to consider where they will be used. Most individuals will probably use a bar stool for a kitchen island or some other type of high table. Bar stools in these contexts create a very special atmosphere that is comfortable and informal. In particular, you can have some extremely cosy mornings, where you can both sit and eat on one side, and take care of practical things in the kitchen on the other, without compromising on conversation and cosiness.
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