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Bent Hansen

Bent Hansen makes beautiful and minimalist furniture with a Scandinavian twist. It was founded in 1948 and still has the same passion for good solid craftsmanship and delicious materials as when it all started.

Buy Bent Hansen online at Moodings

Looking for furniture that can best be described as genuine Danish quality craftsmanship? Then Bent Hansen is just the brand you are looking for. At Moodings, we are thrilled to offer our customers the exclusive and traditional brand, Bent Hansen. So now you can shop a large selection from Bent Hansen, including cushions, dining tables, dining chairs, bar stools, coffee tables, side tables, armchairs, sofas, desks, pedestals, shelves and daybeds. What all this furniture has in common is that it is Danish designed and produced with the best materials using the best craftsmanship. So this is true premium furniture that can survive generations and therefore also has a timeless look. All furniture from Bent Hansen can be purchased at Moodings with our price guarantee, and of course we also provide shipping on all orders over 499 Dkk. If you are looking for a product from Bent Hansen that you cannot find in our range, we can still help you order it for you. Just contact our customer service for help.

Bent Hansen Primum Chair

The Bent Hansen Primum chair is one of the most popular chairs for both the conference table and the dining table. The carefully thought out proportions and shape give it an air of exclusivity and originality that has been the basis of its great popularity. Of course, the Primum chair is not just a delight to look at, it's a real pleasure to sit in. The chair is designed to adapt to your back, so you get the optimum support, whatever your body shape. The Primum chair from Bent Hansen is available with or without armrests, as well as with or without the swivel function. Find the right Primum chair for you by finding the right colours and options.

Dining tables from Bent Hansen

If you are looking for a dining table that will last for many years, and be able to withstand many things besides, then you will undoubtedly be enormously pleased with a dining table from Bent Hansen. At Moodings, you can buy the two most popular types of dining tables from Bent Hansen, the Primum dining table and the Meet dining table, both of which come in a wide range of colours and materials, so you can get exactly the dining table you dream of.

Danish craftsmanship from Bent Hansen

Bent Hansen has been a solid rock in the Danish design landscape since 1948. At Bent Hansen, quality means more than most, and every product and detail is made with the same passion and skilled craftsmanship that has been the case since day 1. Today, Bent Hansen is run by no less than the third generation, Henrik Hvid Hansen, who as a child witnessed his grandfather making quality furniture by hand. His grandfather's great talent for craftsmanship and composition of materials made a big impression, and today he carries on the passion for craftsmanship, design and quality.
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