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When the architect, Bolette Bledell, was in labor with her first child, she found that there was a long way between furniture for children who appealed to play and movement and at the same time lived up to her fondness for good Danish design. Together with her sister, designer Louise Bladdel, she had the idea to create a series of multifunctional and motorically stimulating furniture that children wanted to play with and adults would offer in the living room. The idea of bOble's tumble furniture was born.

Large selection of tumour animals from Bobles

At Moodings you will find a complete selection of the very popular Bobles tumble animals, who are the market leaders in producing beautiful furniture for the nursery, which both develops your child's motor skills and provides them with durable furniture to play with. Bobles is a great way to activate your children while buying aesthetic furniture for the nursery. Bobles'thumbs are available in many different colors and shades, so you can always find a variant that fits perfectly into your home.
Embrace your child and go home with the beautiful bobble thumbs that make life and happy days.

Bobles Crocodile

Bubble's crocodile is one of the most popular tumble animals from bubbles. The crocodile is perfect for both baby, tumbling and child, where the crocodile will challenge the child motorically in very many ways. Bobble's crocodile brings balance, coordination and joy into your children's everyday lives. The crocodile can be used on both the back and the stomach, just like it can be used as a whip. The crawling baby can use the crocodile as a safe but challenging staircase. Later you can do the same walking. Bobles Crocodile measures 18-centimeter height, 60-centimeter length and 24-centimeter width.

Bobles Elephant

The elephant is one of the oldest of the tumour animals and is today a bit of a classic in the range. The elephant is not only aesthetic and handsome, it is also multifunctional, so it beats. You can sit on it, swing on it, slide on it, use it as a stool. With the elephant, it's only your imagination that sets the line. The Bubble Elephant measures 31 centimeters in height, 55 centimeters in length and 24 centimeters in width.

Bobles Chicken

Bobble's Chicken is the perfect gift for the newest couple of parents and the baby. The chicken from Bobles is really good for support when the baby has to lie on its stomach and work on its neck. You can also use it with the elephant, where you can make it into a swing. When your baby's a little older, the baby can use the chicken as a little swing to train your baby's balance. And if the inner child comes up in the parents, then the chicken can serve the same purpose for the adults. Bobles Chicken measures 11-centimeter height, 26-centimeter length and 24-centimeter width.

Bobles Dino.

Bobles Dino gives your child an incredible amount of hours of play and learning. Dino can be used either as a fun roller coaster or as a climbing agent. Dino is not only functional but also enormously aesthetic baby furniture that can decorate both the nursery and the living room. Dino's two pieces of furniture in one. You can use both the big one and the little Dino, where the little brother or sister can play with the little Dino, and the older brother with the bigger Dino. Dino can also grow with the child's development. Bobles Dino measures 34 centimeters in height, 70 centimeters in length and 24 centimeters in width.

Bobles Donut.

Does your kid love to jump and dance, too? Then Bobbles Donut is the perfect gift for your next birthday, Christmas or just-because gift. Bobles Donut is available in no less than three different sizes, so there is something from everything to baby to bigger children, or adult toys. You can also use donuts as a fun bouncer. All you have to do is put it high between your legs. It can also be converted into a swing. All you have to do is remove the foam cap and install the Donut Gynge strings, and then you have a fun and beautiful swing.

Bobles Rollerboard

Every day, a roller coaster has been a hit for both adults and children. With the bubble's scroll, you get a safe, beautiful, and enormously weary scroll, which can be used for countless hours of play and fun. You put the baby on your stomach and pull it around, or you combine it with other thumbs on top to make a little race car out of it. The foam makes the roller coaster absolutely bulletproof. So it's safe to leave kids on the board without having to worry about them leaving.
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