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The Tired Man

"As warm and safe as a polar bear cub in his mother's arms in the middle of the ice. This is how Flemming Lassen described the feeling you get from sitting in his modern classics, the Tired Man.

The Tired Man is one of the most iconic chairs ever created on Danish soil. The chair was designed for Snow White's Furnace production in the 1935's, where it impressed an entire industry with its overpadded, organic forms.

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The Tired Man- Created by Flemming Lassen

When Flemming Lassen first showed design, which would then prove to perpetuate him in the history books, no one dared hope for the enormous success that the Tired Man would have.

The Tired Man certainly impressed everyone and everything, but the fact that it was still to be produced and wanted today, more than 85 years later, dared the fewest to hope for. The Tired Man is the concept of timeless design, and there is no better manifestation of what a modern classic is.

Overpadded furniture has become a direct synonym for Flemming Lassen, and design philosophy is more popular today than ever.

The Tired Man Specifications

Below you can read all the relevant specifications about the Tired Man:

  • Designer: Flemming Lassen
  • Design year: 1935
  • Height: 88 centimeter
  • Depth: 97 centimeter
  • Width: 102 centimeter
  • Seat height: 38 centimeter
  • Producer: By Lassen
  • Available materials: sheepskin, lambskin

About Flemming Lassen

The tired man, as I said, was created by the legendary and timeless designer, Flemming Lassen. Flemming Lassen, born in the 1902s, was a modernist and one of the pioneers of Danish functionalism for which Danish furniture design has since become world famous.

Flemming Lassen is particularly well known for his cooperation with Arne Jacobsen at the Prize-winning House of the Future and the Council Hall, as well as his furniture and interior design.

Denmark's most expensive chair: The Tired Man

In 2014, The Tired Man once again entered the history books. This was done in the context of an auction at the Bruun Rasmussen auction house, where a copy of the chair was sold to dizzying 1.42 million crowns, making it the most expensive chair ever sold at auction in Denmark.

The city of Lassen has since relaunched the classic chair, with respect, of course, for the original design and craftsmanship, so that the unique design can once again fill the Danish living rooms and create aesthetic, functional experiences.