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Large and beautiful selection of all types of glass in high quality. Create the most beautiful table setting with our beautiful selection of glasses for all types of liquids. Shop glassware at Moodings whether you are looking for wine glasses, beer glasses, water glasses or any other type of glassware.

Great selection of beautiful glasses

We have a huge selection of every type of glass imaginable from a wide range of the best and most sought-after brands in the country. Among other things, you can buy glasses of the following types: champagne glasses, coasters, cocktail glasses, cognac glasses, drinking glasses, espresso glasses, drinking glasses, water glasses, schnapps glasses, wine glasses, whisky glasses and beer glasses. All these types of glasses are produced by popular brands such as Design Letters, Ferm Living, Georg Jensen, HAY, Holmegaard, House Doctor, KINTO, Kähler, Louise Roe, Luigi Bormioli, Lyngby Porcelæn, MALLING LIVING, Matias Moellenbach, Menu, Muubs, Muuto, Puik, Rosendahl and Specktrum. All of these brands are known for making glassware that is both beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing.

Create a beautiful table setting with glass

Creating the perfect table setting is an art in itself that many spend many years achieving. So where on earth do you start? We suggest you start by acquiring some beautiful glassware, which should always be on the table, no matter what kind of party or event you find yourself in. Beautiful and aesthetic glasses will always be noticed and appreciated, whether you have elegant and classic glasses, or modern and innovative glasses. Whatever your preference or budget, we have a number of great ideas for the perfect glass for your table setting. A Danish table should be set with Danish design and quality, which is exactly what you get at Moodings.

Glasses for every taste

People differ, and there are differences in what kind of glass they prefer. Some love the soft shapes, others want the razor sharp edges. Some want the clear glass, while others love the charming coloured glasses. Some prefer the classic flat surface, while others love the textured surfaces. Should the glass be sturdy and raw or elegant and thin? There are a huge number of options to find exactly the type of glass that speaks directly to your heart. Every type of glass has its pros and cons. If you choose a glass with a classic design, flat surfaces and transparent glass, you can be more or less sure that the glass will be around for many years. Conversely, you can hit straight into the trends of the time by going with the slightly more modern glass, where you often see coloured glass and textured surfaces. All in all, it's mostly about choosing the glass you prefer to drink from and set your table with.

Glass - The perfect gift

Glass in 2021 isn't just glass. There are a myriad of different types of glass available today, used for a wide variety of liquids. Today, glass comes in many different shapes, colours and expressions. In short, you can get a glass with just the look you're going for. For this very reason, glass has also become a personal and important part of table setting and general home decoration, making it an obvious gift for those you love. This is also largely due to the fact that you can always use several of your favourite glass series. Beautiful glassware is the perfect gift for those who want to give something functional and beautiful at the same time. By the way, remember that glass does not have to be a gift for your friend, mother, father, sister or the like, it can also easily just be a gift for yourself. We all deserve a little self-indulgence from time to time, and some nice glasses are an excellent way to do just that.

Glasses for all of life's moments

No matter what situation or moment in life you find yourself in, there's always a glass to suit. This can be glasses for the morning juice, a glass of cold water for the hot afternoon, drinking glasses for the evening festivities, red wine glasses for the intimate moments and much more. Whatever kind of glass you're looking for, you're sure to find it in our large and beautiful range. When you have the right glass for every type of drink, you're always sure to enjoy it to the full. An old whiskey tastes much better when served in a proper whiskey glass. The same goes for all the other drinks we enjoy. As well as being able to enjoy the contents of the glass, you get a glass that is a feast for the eyes. All the glasses in our range are of the highest quality, and can stand up to all the trials and tribulations that a glass will encounter.

Enjoy your wine with the right glasses

Enjoying a good glass of wine can be both a great and complex experience. A good wine is packed with different aromas, nuances and notes on the palate that can only be fully experienced in a proper wine glass. At Moodings, we have some of the absolute most beautiful wines on the market that bring out the best in wine, whether it's a white, red or port. But how do you choose the right glasses for your wine? First of all, of course, you need to choose red wine glasses for red wine, white wine glasses for white wine and port wine glasses for port wine. However, this is not all you need to think about if you want to get the most out of your wine. Big glasses with large openings are perfect for the old and very full-bodied wines. Younger wines, on the other hand, are better suited to smaller, narrower glasses. Wine glasses are specially crafted and designed to capture all the aromas and nuances of the wine. It is therefore a good idea to have several different types of wine glasses, not just one for each type of wine, but also the different varieties within the wine type. This way, you ensure that you always have the right glass to get the optimal experience and taste.
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