GUBI is a design company dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living life. Design that combines the past and the present by evolving. Designs that stimulate the senses, are beautiful and usable. GUBI pursues perfection with passion and courage. Evolution is the essence.

GUBI - Exclusivity & Design

If you're looking for furniture and interiors from the very top shelf then GUBI is the place to be inspired. GUBI is Danish design at its best, with no compromise on craftsmanship, aesthetics or functionality. GUBI is synonymous with great functionality and beautiful aesthetics, loved and admired by everyone from architects and designers to design enthusiasts worldwide. The style is thoroughly minimalist and simple, with clean lines forming the basic idea. Added to this are the many innovative details and elements that combine to create world-class design. Let yourself be inspired and delighted by GUBI.

GUBI Furniture

Although GUBI is known all over the world and is internationally recognized, it is still deeply rooted in Denmark, which is why, among other things, they have their headquarters and a huge showroom in the capital, Copenhagen. GUBI furniture is known for fulfilling the classic Scandinavian style that provides a priceless timelessness, spiced with innovative approaches from inspiring designers and architects who are inspired by the times and the world around them. GUBI is curiosity, craftsmanship and innovation at its best. Whether you go for new designs or older classics, you get a timeless piece of furniture that has all the makings to stand the test of time. Below you can read more about a selection of the types of products you can buy from GUBI at Moodings.

GUBI table lamp

GUBI is particularly known for their table lamps, among which the Bestlite series is world renowned. It was designed by Robert Dudley Best, who first designed the BL1 lamp, which could be found in Winston Churchill's office in Whitehall, among other places. GUBI's table lamp had a major breakthrough with this, and quickly became a modern classic, hugely suitable for any corner of the home.

GUBI Armchairs & Chairs

GUBI is known and admired for many things, and their armchairs as well as chairs are no exception. With a chair from GUBI, you are sure to get a quality piece of furniture that will bring joy and good times for many years to come. Whether you're into the classic, the innovative or the daring, we're sure you'll fall in love with a chair from GUBI. Never has sitting looked so good.

GUBI Coffee Table

The expression and red thread of a living room largely stands or falls with the coffee table. Although it is a small piece of furniture, its importance should by no means be underestimated. If you want a complete and accomplished sofa area, there is no better way than to buy a coffee table from GUBI that will bring aesthetics and life into your sofa area.

GUBI Dining Table

The dining table is in many ways one of the most important pieces of furniture you will find in a home. It's where we meet in the morning, review the day in the evening, mark anniversaries and spend time together as a family. All of these moments call for a GUBI dining table that provides the perfect setting for the togetherness that means the world to most. With a GUBI dining table, you get a gathering point that is a delight for functionality and the eye, year after year.

GUBI - Est. 1967

GUBI was established back in 1967, originally by the parents of the current owner, Jacob Gubi. GUBI initially focused on selling their own designs, including both furniture and textiles. Over the years, GUBI has evolved into a well-established brand with a strong position on the international design scene. Together with some carefully selected designers, GUBI has managed to create a brand that radiates passion, innovation, exclusivity and accomplished craftsmanship.

Great selection from GUBI

At Moodings you will find the most beautiful and broadest selection of furniture and interiors from Danish GUBI. Our range from GUBI covers a wide variety of furniture and interiors, including bar stools, table lamps, table tops, floor lamps, shelves, coat racks, chests of drawers, console tables, office chairs, ceiling lamps, lounge chairs, armchairs, storage, pots, poufs, side tables, desks, stools, bowls, coffee tables, mirrors, dining tables, dining chairs and of course wall lamps. All this and much more is available in beautiful designs and quality materials from GUBI, which makes only the best quality products.

Legendary designs from GUBI

Over the years, GUBI has produced and designed a wide range of designs that have since become true classics. A good example of this is the beautiful Multi-Lite Pendant. This was designed way back in 1972 by Louis Weisdorf. This lamp is a true homage to the Danish golden age of design, and has a super beautiful and distinctive shape. Another great example is the Bestlite BL1. This still holds its great design today, having a particularly beautiful industrial design. In fact, the design is so iconic that it is on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Musset, as well as London's Design Museum. The design is loved and admired by designers and architects from all over the world, and has a long and proud history.

GUBI webshop

Looking for a webshop where you can shop all the great furniture from GUBI? At Moodings we are both happy and proud to call ourselves retailers of GUBI and all their beautiful furniture, lamps and the like. As a dealer of GUBI, we can offer a huge range of furniture and interiors of the highest quality.
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