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Do you need some warmth, soul and closeness in your interior design? Our selection of beautiful designer carpets provides a relaxed and cosy atmosphere that is both pleasant to the feet, warm, soundproofing and not least aesthetic. Spoil your home with the most beautiful carpets from Moodings. It's important to love your home, and not least to love spending time there. To do this, you also need to love your interior. Floor rugs help to create a cosy and personal home, providing a nice break from the hard surfaces that often characterise Scandinavian homes.

Exclusive range of carpets

At Moodings, we love beautiful carpets that are actively used in interior design, both to create warmth, add aesthetics and, not least, to mark out rooms and areas in an elegant and stylish way. We have put together an exclusive selection of beautiful carpets in extremely good quality. Among others, you can shop carpets from popular brands such as Hay, Muuto, Ferm Living, House Doctor and Massimo. One of the most important things about carpets is that they are durable and able to stand up to all the things a carpet can be exposed to. Carpets have a tendency to be stepped on, played on, spilled on and more, which can quickly make a carpet ugly and worn out if the carpet is not of a high and good quality. With a carpet from our range, you don't have to worry about this. Our carpets come exclusively from some of the country's leading design houses, who make products of the highest quality with an eye for good craftsmanship.

Shop carpets online

At Moodings you can shop from a wide range of different types and styles of carpet online. Whether you're looking for large, medium or small carpets that are square, round or oblong, you'll always find some great choices for your dream carpet at Moodings. What all our rugs have in common is that they come from some of the leading Danish designer brands, known for their good craftsmanship, beautiful details and complete overall look. In addition, we have both carpets with a classic look, as well as more modern and colorful carpets. So there's something for every taste and need when you shop for carpets online at Moodings.

Design carpet

Great design and carpets are undeniably linked. In fact, a carpet is often a striking part of a decor and, with its size and characteristics, can really make a difference in a decor if it is a carpet in a nice design. Design carpets should not only be practical, they are also very much a piece of interior decoration that brings aesthetics and edge to your home decor. Our range of designer carpets are specially designed to go hand in hand with our other furniture and interiors, and are made in the same great style with a strong Scandinavian design that never goes out of style. Danish designer carpets include the beautiful rugs from Massimo and Hay, both of which have managed to create rugs in beautiful Nordic design, produced with the best materials through sublime craftsmanship.

Decorate with a carpet

Carpets can provide some unique decorating options, which are especially good for those who want to make some natural transitions between different areas of their home decor. For example, many people have both a dining room and sofa area in the same room. These areas can easily blend together a bit, and it can be difficult to visibly mark where one area starts and ends. However, this can be done in a natural and very aesthetic way using some of the many beautiful rugs available here at Moodings. For example, it is very popular to use a round rug under a round dining table, while in the sofa area you can use a more square rug that both marks the areas and provides a special cosiness. See our entire beautiful range from Hay.
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