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HAY clothes racks

It has long been difficult to find attractive clothes racks. However, this changed completely when HAY launched their beautiful range of modern and minimalist clothes racks that can be used in everything from the wardrobe and closet to the bedroom and hallway.

Shop HAY clothes racks at Moodings

When HAY launched their extremely beautiful range of clothes racks, they were an instant hit. Their huge popularity has not gone unnoticed, which is certainly not without reason. HAY is known and recognised for their ability to create designs that focus on great materials, functional design and great aesthetics. With a beautiful clothes rack from HAY, you're not just getting a practical piece of furniture to hang your beautiful dresses, shirts or whatever else you wear. You also get a piece of furniture that becomes an active and important part of the expression of the room in which it stands. Whether it's a bedroom, a walk-in closet or a hallway, you can get a clothes rack from HAY that's perfect for the job. The clothes racks are also suitable for virtually all types of clothing. The good height means you can hang everything from trouser suits and long coats without worrying about the clothes touching the ground. At Moodings we have all the popular clothes stands from HAY, both the Loop Stand Hall and Loop Stand Wardrope, which cater for different types of clothes and parts of the home. In addition, these are available in both black, grey and white.

Hay clothes stand in black

When it comes to colours, HAY has chosen to go with the classic colours of black, white and grey. If you want a clothes rack with character in the expression, which demands its right in the room, then black is the obvious color. The black clothes racks from HAY are perfect for any home, and go well with virtually any decor.

Hay clothes rack in grey

If you want a more subtle colour, then you can of course get it in grey. Here you get a less striking colour, where the design and shape itself comes across more strongly. This is also the perfect colour for those who don't want to take the focus off their clothes.

Hay clothes rack for the entrance hall

If you need some nice storage for your clothes in the hallway, but are tired of conventional solutions, then a HAY clothes rack for the hallway might be just what you're looking for. With a HAY clothes rack, you get both a beautiful piece of furniture for the entrance hall, while at the same time being able to hang your clothes safely and without the risk of them falling or touching the ground.

Hay clothes rack for the bedroom

The most popular place for the beautiful HAY clothes racks is undoubtedly the bedroom, where it provides extra space for your clothes, as well as giving an elegance and a modern twist to the bedroom. Although there is room for plenty of clothes on the rack, you don't need a large bedroom to fit them in. Give your bedroom a stylish addition with one of the beautiful clothes racks from HAY, which you can buy here at Moodings. See the full range from HAY.
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