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House Doctor

Here's your vitamin supplement for a more personal, inspiring and beautiful home. If your home is a little dull and drab, let the "house doctor" come for a visit and you'll experience a... sparkling change. The brand has home products for the quality-conscious man or woman, but still at affordable prices. Check out the great selection of House Doctor rugs, lamps, laundry bags, bowls, mirrors and more online here.

Large selection from House Doctor

At Moodings we stock a great range of House Doctor rugs, lamps, laundry bags, bowls, mirrors, vases and more to liven up your home decor. The products often have a humorous message that brings out a smile. The wide variety of House Doctor products can help to lift the joy of living in your home.

Curate your home decor with House Doctor

The brand wants to help you find the right medicine for your home. Whatever the state of the patient (your dwelling), the products from this brand can live the patient up. With the products from House Doctor, you will get a personal and unique style in your interior. The style is modern, informal, personal and a bit provocative and you are meant to mix and match the elements. However, the gorgeous products can be so addictive that they can cause a slight heart palpitations. So be warned.

A creative background behind House Doctor

The brand is a family-run interiors business, although it has expanded to include a number of enthusiasts as the family wasn't enough to run it. Today, you will find 50 employees who design stylish home accessories for modern homes based on the trends of the time. It all started, however, as a small family trio of three siblings, Rikke Juhl Jensen, Klaus Juhl Pedersen and Gitte Juhl Capel, who all have creative genes. The three siblings had been running a successful arts and crafts shop for some years and all believe that beautiful home furnishings can enhance the joy of living. In 2001 the brand was founded and has quickly grown in popularity both in Denmark and abroad. The products are sold all over Europe, Japan and New Zealand. However, the products are all Danish-designed in-house in Ikast and the suppliers are hand-picked to ensure high quality.

Buy House Doctor here

Buy the modern House Doctor rugs, lamps, laundry bags, mirrors, vases and more online at the shop here. Moodings is your home universe when it comes to creative and exciting accessories for your home decor and the products from House Doctor fit in perfectly. Not only can the individual products fit in many places, we also like the idea that they can be mixed and matched in a crossover way. This offers endless possibilities for creative and very personal interior design and it's just in our spirit. See our full range of vases.

House Doctor Furniture

When shopping for new furniture, it's always enormously nice to have a great selection to choose from. If you've already decided that your next piece of furniture is going to come from House Doctor, then you can be sure that you'll find a huge selection of House Doctor at Moodings. House Doctor is known for having an impressively wide range, almost regardless of the type of product. When we talk furniture, you can shop things like mirrors, lamps, display cabinets, wine racks, clothes racks, dining tables, dining chairs, coffee tables, sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, console tables, chests of drawers, garden furniture, daybeds and many more types of furniture. When you buy furniture from House Doctor, you can expect the latest and most beautiful designs. It is especially in the design phase that House Doctor has their real strength. They never stand still, and are constantly working on new, beautiful designs that we can treat all of you customers with.

House Doctor Interiors

While House Doctor is known for making beautiful furniture, that's not actually what they're most known for. House Doctor is primarily known for their enormously beautiful interiors, ornaments and the like. All the little things that make up the beautiful details of a home decor are something that House Doctor are specialists in designing and producing. When it comes to interior design, it is not enough to "just" have the big furniture. The overall impression is defined to a very large extent by all the small, personal details in the interior design. It is precisely these things that House Doctor is unique in creating. They could be, for example, some nice boxes, a nice laundry basket, a nice rug, a nice bowl, some elegant candlesticks, romantic lanterns, cosy mugs, or maybe even some practical tablecloths. If you're looking for more soul and personality in your home decor, you might want to take a look at our huge range of interiors and decorative items from House Doctor. As well as offering a huge range, House Doctor is actually a brand where you really do get value for money. Quality is always the focus at House Doctor, and their items can be bought at quite reasonable prices. This is of course especially true at Moodings, where we always have the sharpest prices on things from House Doctor.

Proud retailers of House Doctor

At Moodings we put a lot of effort into always being able to offer our customers the best and widest range of home decor, furniture and interiors for the modern Scandinavian home. This is why we are very pleased to be able to call ourselves retailers of the very popular and sought-after brand, House Doctor. Over the years, House Doctor has made a name for itself in the interior design industry. With modern and contemporary designs, combined with advantageous prices, they have taken a really strong position, offering great designs for everyone, regardless of budget. In addition, you also get quite good quality, especially considering the price.

Full range from House Doctor

House Doctor are prolific and innovative to say the least. They have one of the industry's very largest ranges, and at Moodings you can find pretty much all of the beautiful things from House Doctor. WE have done our absolute best to offer all the most popular products from House Doctor, which we have succeeded in doing quite well, if we do say so ourselves. If you love House Doctor and want to make your home even more beautiful with furniture, decorations and everything else, there's no better place to shop than Moodings. Our House Doctor range is huge, and we're more than confident you'll find the item you're looking for.
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