Console tables

A console table is a hugely popular piece of furniture that can be used in the vast majority of homes, whatever type of interior design you practice. At Moodings you will find a wide range of console tables for the modern and quality-conscious home. Create a beautiful and aesthetic element in your home that is both functional in terms of storage, as well as aesthetic, with our large selection of beautiful console tables.

Find your next console table

When it comes to getting a new piece of furniture, there will always be a greater or lesser challenge in finding just the right piece. Of course, this is also true of console tables. A console table is a functional and aesthetic piece of furniture that has many uses in many parts of the home. A console table can therefore be used by everyone, and is especially a hit in living rooms where you need a smaller storage piece that is both spacious and attractive. Whatever type, colour and size of console table you're looking for, you'll find it in our great selection. We also have console tables in a variety of materials, and whether you're looking for a classic or modern console table, we have a lot of great options. Our range of console tables also covers a different number of shelves, with some having just the top and bottom, while others have several.

Design console table

Are you looking for a designer console table where quality, finish and aesthetics have been thought through in every aspect of the furniture? Then there's no better place to find it than at Moodings. We have a great selection of designer console tables from various brands and designers. Among others, you can shop console tables from popular Danish brands like 101 Copenhagen, Broste Copenhagen, GUBI, Handvärk, Hein Studio, House Doctor, Hübsch, Lindebjerg Design, Muubs, Nordal, Novasolo and True North Designs.

How to use a console table in your interior design

As mentioned earlier, a console table can be used in many different ways. The classic use is in the living room, but it can easily be used elsewhere too. For example, you can use a console table in the living room to put all your things on, such as hats, gloves, keys, car keys and the like. If you choose a console table that has several shelves, you can use it as a shoe rack. On top, you can place various decorative items, such as candlesticks, vases or other items. The console table has a very distinct advantage in a hallway compared to other furniture, namely that it is usually not very deep, but on the contrary has a good length, which is often the case in hallways, especially in apartments. A console table is also ideal for aesthetic storage in the teenager's room - for both boys and girls. You get an attractive, grown-up piece of furniture that also provides the storage you need in a room. Last, but certainly not least, you can also use a console table in your living room decor, which applies to both a sofa and dining room, or a combination of these things. You can both place a console table on the wall, or use it as a side table for a sofa. Of course, this requires that you choose a console table with an appropriate height. If you have plenty of space in the bathroom or bedroom, a console table can also be a woman's best friend in the form of a makeup table. You can place both your make-up and a mirror here, where you can sit and get ready for all of life's moments.

Store in style with a console table

More and more people are choosing to settle in major cities, which means more and more of us are living in apartments where space is usually not endless. In these cases, storage will always be a challenge, which is why aesthetic storage is something that a lot of people want in their homes. A console table is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces of storage furniture you can possibly find. See also the full range from Montana.

Create soul with a console table

A console table is far from the biggest or most striking piece of furniture in the room, but it can make a world of difference nonetheless. Console tables have the huge advantage of taking up almost nothing compared to how much storage space and aesthetics you get. Many people don't even consider using a console table in their home decor, which is both a shame and a shame if you ask us. A console table can be an important part of the atmosphere of your home decor, especially in those rooms where there may not be oceans of space to create just that. A console table in a hallway or hallway can be absolutely crucial to the look of the room. It's left alone, which is why the room can quickly become both cold and impersonal. With a console table, you can change this, both in terms of the aesthetics the console table brings in itself, but also very much in terms of the items that are placed on a console table. At Moodings, you can find just the console table your home needs to add that final bit of soul and atmosphere. We have small, medium and large console tables, in every shape, colour and material imaginable. Find your console table at Moodings and buy it with a price guarantee and free delivery.

Make the most of your console table

When it comes to furniture, and especially a console table, it's always about getting the most out of the furniture. First of all, it's important to be clear about where you want to place your console table. Many people use it in a hallway, for example, where it can be hugely practical for having somewhere to put your keys, gloves, wallet, phone and more. In addition, to make a console table more personal and decorative, you can place a nice vase of fresh flowers in it. You can even hang a matching mirror above, so you also have somewhere to check your hair before you leave home. A console table is also ideal for a bedroom or living room, where there's plenty of storage space. This is especially true if you put some nice boxes on the console table, for example, which can help you keep your things organized, as well as allowing you to store more. The possibilities are endless, and really only your imagination sets the limits when it comes to using a console table. We hope and believe that you can find your next console table with us.
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