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Office chairs

Need a new office chair? At Moodings, you'll find a great selection of stylish designer office chairs for both your home and business. Check out the great selection of office chairs in high quality and great design.

Huge selection of office chairs

At Moodings you will find a huge selection of some of the most classic and stylish office chairs. Our selection has been specially selected with the idea that your office chair should stand out in some way. This can be in terms of expression, craftsmanship, design, colours, materials or anything else. Based on this basic premise, we are extremely proud to be able to offer all our customers some fantastic office chairs from great brands such as Engelbrechts, Egon Eiermann, Normann Copenhagen and GUBI. Whether you like office chairs with or without castors, in classic or modern design, you are sure to find an excellent offer in our great range. Remember, we always run a number of great and sharp offers on our range of office chairs. If, contrary to expectations, we don't offer the best prices on the office chair you've chosen, you're always more than welcome to take advantage of our price guarantee.

Office chairs without castors

Functionally, there are two types of office chair. These are the office chairs that are equipped and designed with castors, as well as the office chairs that do not have them. If you have also seen the charm and advantage of an office chair without wheels, then Moodings is the right place to look.

We have a wide range of great office chairs that don't have castors, but stay firmly in place. For many, this can provide better comfort and more stability, albeit with some loss of mobility. However, by no means everyone needs this kind of mobility, so it's worth considering opting out if you don't need it.

Designer office chairs for the home office

When choosing the right office chair to use in the home office, people often want to put more thought into their choice of office chair. In particular, it is often the aesthetic that is more important than usual, as it should of course blend in well with the rest of the home's décor, and at the very least fit in with the home office's décor. If you're looking for the perfect office chair for your home office, you can always find some at Moodings to match the rest of your home's décor. Whether you're into modern, classic or somewhere in between.

Office chairs for business

Want to pamper your employees while giving your office a nice, aesthetic look that impresses clients, partners and employees alike? Then take a good look at our great range of office chairs, which are certainly also suitable for business. Among other things, we have a large selection of classic office chairs from Engelbrechts and Egon Eiermann, who make functional and timeless office chairs for both private and business use.