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There's nothing like a good cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We have a great selection of cups and thermos mugs that are pleasant to hold and pleasing to the eye. Enjoy your favourite drink morning, noon and night with our beautiful selection of quality cups.

Cups for all life's moments

We've put together a range of cups covering a wide variety of designs. Whether you need cups for everyday life or for those special moments, you'll find them at Moodings. A cup is not just a cup. Your choice of cups says a lot about your style and the expression you're trying to convey. This is also the reason why so many people have different ranges and types of cups, so you can pick out a suitable cup for any occasion. For example, many people will use their favourite everyday cup, which is not necessarily from a particular brand, but has an affectionate value that can be hard to come by. However, this cup will not necessarily be placed on the table when guests arrive. Instead, many people are happy to show off their finest cups, which could be cups from Royal Copenhagen, for example. Many people also choose to collect different series of cups, so that over time they can build up several collections of different designs and types of cups. Having a more or less complete collection provides some unique and very elegant options in terms of table setting. Mixing a lot of cups that have very different designs and expressions can quickly lead to a messy look. With a complete set, you get a uniform and beautiful table setting, which many strive for at birthdays and similar events. Even if you choose cups that give you a uniform style, this in no way means that you have to create a boring table setting. For example, you can mix and match different cups from Royal Copenhagen to create a beautiful and varied table setting without making it a mess. Of course, if you like a slightly wild and different look, mixing different types of cups can be an idea. In that case, it's great that we at Moodings have a wide range of cups that vary in expression, colour, shape and size.

Great selection of cups

At Moodings, we have one of the finest selections of beautiful designer cups on the market, with real attention to detail and craftsmanship in the exterior and interior of the cup. For example, you can shop a wide range of cups from popular brands like Royal Copenhagen, Design Letters, Kasia Lilja, Sebra, Broste Copenahgen, Kähler, Pillivuyt, Rosendahl and many more. We love collecting beautiful sets of cups, which you have every opportunity to do if you shop our wide selection of cups.

Find your new favourite cup

Most people know the funny thing about having a favourite cup where the coffee or tea just tastes better than all the other cups in your cupboard. There can be many reasons why a cup becomes a favourite. The personal cup is the one that you start the day with and that has a special place in your heart. So special, in fact, that it can ruin your whole morning if it's in the wash and you don't get to enjoy your morning coffee with it. <<< Some love the cup, one like which is painted to one's child in the children's sea. Some love their first Royal Copenhagen cup. Whatever makes you fall in love with a cup, you have every opportunity to find your next favourite cup in our selection of beautiful cups.

Hand painted cups

Do you also love cups and porcelain that have something unique and special about them? Of course you can find this element in our beautiful selection of cups. We have a large selection of hand-painted cups, among others from Royal Copenhagen, who still paint their beautiful and elegant cups by hand today. When something is made by hand, it is undoubtedly the personal element that makes the cup so charming. The knowledge that someone has taken the trouble to make your cup is a nice feeling that testifies to the fact that you have acquired a cup of high quality, of which there are no others. Find the most beautiful hand-painted cups at Moodings, where you will always find a large and beautiful selection at great prices and free shipping over 499 dkk.

Cups with saucers

If you want a table setting that really exudes exclusivity and class, then a cup with matching saucer is one of the best. A cup with saucer brings to mind a time when good, proper china was more valued. At Moodings, we have the best range of cups with saucers, perfect for afternoon coffee when you want to make a little extra of the table setting, or just a quiet evening when you want to treat yourself to a good cup of tea.

Modern cups

At Moodings, you won't just find classic cups with classic motifs. We also have a great selection of modern cups that have a new and innovative design. The beautiful cups from Design Letters are a great example of this, rethinking the whole design philosophy of cups. Design Letters cups are beautiful and perfect for those who want a more modern look. You can benefit from making a collection of both modern and classic cups, so you can always use the type of cup that suits the situation and your mood.

Cups with a floral motif

One of the most classic designs on a cup is the beautiful floral motifs found on cups from many different brands. Floral cups are energising and remind you of those lovely summer mornings sitting on the terrace enjoying your coffee in the morning sun. We love cups with a floral motif, which is also clearly reflected in our selection of cups, where you will find a lot of beautiful ones with just a floral motif. For example, we can highlight the hugely aesthetic Flora Danica cups from Royal Copenhagen, which are inspired by Danish nature at its very best. See our full range from Royal Copenhagen.

Cups with and without handle

There are several things to consider when finding just the right cups. One of the more significant and important things in your context is the choice of whether the cup should be with or without a handle. The answer as to whether cups should be with or without a handle is largely a matter of taste, as well as the situation in which the cup will be used. Cups with a handle have the advantage that for many it is more comfortable to hold, especially if the contents are very hot, thus making the cup warm to hold. Cups with handles also have a more classic look, which again is a matter of taste and whether you like them or not. At Moodings we have a huge selection of the most beautiful cups with handles, which you can also combine with a saucer if you really want an elegant and classic look. If you're not so much into the classic cups with handles, we also have a nice selection of the slightly more modern cups that are without handles. These also have their distinct advantages, including the clean and uniform surface. Some also find that a cup without a handle is easier and more comfortable to hold. Find your next cup here at Moodings, whether you're looking for a cup with or without a handle.

Enjoy your coffee with the right cup

It's the little things that make a cup of coffee a good cup of coffee. Among other things, your surroundings can make a world of difference. One of the things that can really make a cup of coffee taste like more is if it's drunk from a nice, functional cup. Make your morning coffee a true experience with our range of beautiful cups, and feel how your morning coffee becomes the best and most relaxing time of the day.

Cups as a gift

Looking for a great gift that's both functional and beautiful? Then you should take a look at our delicious selection of cups. Cups are an obvious gift idea, as pretty much everyone needs some nice cups. Many people also collect different sets that include cups. So if you know someone who collects the beautiful Royal Copenhagen set, for example, you could give them cups in the set they collect. Such a gift is always a great success.
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