Need new light? Find stylish lamps here!

Light is indispensable in our daily lives. This applies to the short winter days, but also to the rainy summer days. In short, lamps are a fixture in every home. There are lamps hanging from the ceiling, floor lamps, table lamps etc. Everyone has the same purpose, but they do it in their own stylish way. With a table lamp, you not only get delicious light, you also get beautiful decorations on the table. However, the tendency is that ceiling lamps are the primary lamps in the home. They hang from the ceiling, thus they do not take up space, and they hang high so that they can light up a larger area.

Our range includes delicious lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. All with a completely unique design. Here you will find several different table lamps - for example a wooden table lamp! Our general lamp is of newer design, and thus you can find several lamps that consist of a socket and a unique bulb. This bulb can be in different colors or with a different design.

We send your goods so that you, unless otherwise stated, have them between 1-4 business days. We send free of charge to the nearest mailbox or your company address.

Do you want to give a lamp as a gift? In our range there is something for everyone. However, if you are a little in doubt about the recipient's style, then you can buy a gift card instead. We sell gift cards from 100, - to 1,000, -. The gift card is delivered in a cute little frame and is valid for five years.

If you have questions about assortment, delivery or anything else that you can not find on this page, then you are welcome to contact us. we answer the phone, 7199 0090, every weekday 10-16, and we respond to emails,, within 24 hours. Explore here on the site and find the right light!
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