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Marble - looking for an exclusive look for your home
Many people have probably seen a marble worktop or a table skirting, but slowly manufacturers are turning their attention to this unique material for much more delicious products. You can hardly open a home magazine without the heavy and solid, but incredibly beautiful material with its changing shades catching your eye. It used to be called leather, then copper - but marble interior design is all the rage.

At Moodings we love the new marble trend and have selected a host of gorgeous products so you can add marble interiors to your home. Candle holders, cutting boards, table skirting, bowls and much more. Take a look, for example, at the beautiful green marble table covers. Simple design with beautiful colourful details. Beautiful and functional solution when you need to put your hot pots on the dinner table. If you need to spruce up your living room with some new lamps, we recommend the unique Amp lamps from Normann Copenhagen - a series of lamps inspired by old-fashioned amps that take you back memory lane with the nostalgic look. If you don't have space on the shelves, we have the finest posters in marble colours. The graphic posters feature abstract motifs that combine geometric shapes and the distinctive marble surface.

If you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact us. We are available on tel. 71 99 00 90 or email kundeservice@moodings.com.

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