New Works

See our huge selection from Danish New Works, who have taken the Danish design scene by storm since 2015. Among others, you can shop the ultra popular Kinzu table lamp, Tense Pendant lamp and much more. Feel the joy of design with New Works.

Full range from New Works

At Moodings you'll find something as delicious as a complete range of furniture, lamps and interiors from the Danish brand, New Works. Whatever you've fallen in love with from the popular brand, we're sure you'll find it in our sotre selection. Among other things, we of course have the hugely popular lamps that they are particularly famous for. These include ceiling lamps, pendants, table lamps, mirrors, floor lamps, chairs, decanters, shelves, stools, dining tables and much more. We always make sure you can get a wide range of New Works products at great prices. Among other things, we always have a number of great offers on various items. If we don't have the item you're looking for on offer, you can always take advantage of our price guarantee. Remember, we ship all New Works orders absolutely free as long as they exceed 499 DKK.

Popular New Works Pendant

Something New Works have made a particular name for themselves is their absolutely stunning Tense pendant lamp, which hangs like a beautiful cloud above your dining table, living room or wherever you choose to hang it. New Works has made a wide variety of ceiling lamps, which they have mastered to perfection. In addition to the aforementioned, we also have the very popular Karl-Johan Pendant, which has a minimalist and classic look. Give your home the most beautiful lighting with our wide range of beautiful ceiling lamps from New Works.

Table lamps from New Works

Another lamp that is becoming a real design classic is the striking and beautiful Kizu table lamp, which has taken the industry by storm with its "inverted" design. It is beautiful, stylish and unique in its own way. If you're into something more rustic and raw, there's also the gorgeous Core Table Lamp, which has also gained a lot of popularity with its honest expression.

About New Works

New Works has been heavily inspired by the exciting chemistry that occurs when you combine the old with the new, or rather the classic with the modern. The light, and the dark. Design and art. New Works is based, both physically and aesthetically, in Scandinavia, where proud craft traditions are cherished, not to mention the unique way we use and combine different materials. The young brand has a relatively short history, which already began back in 2015. The young brand was created by Nikolaj Meier and Knut Bendik Humlevik, who had a strong desire to create a design house where design is brought to life through care and passion, and where there is an opportunity to experiment. New Works has made a number of tremendously strong collaborations with various international and national designers that have contributed to the great range and clear aesthetic direction that you find at New Works.
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