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Looking for some of the great stuff from Nordal? At Moodings we have all the most popular items from Nordal. Nordal is a Danish brand that is known and recognized for their display cabinets, among other things.

Shop Nordal furniture online

If you've fallen in love with the beautiful furniture from Nordal, Moodings is the place to shop. We have a full selection of all the beautiful and popular furniture from Nordal. Among other things, you can shop mirrors, rugs, display cabinets, dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards, coffee tables and many other pieces of furniture. Of course, you can also shop for a wide range of other Nordal interiors such as cushions, candlesticks and other decorative items that add personality and soul to a home. See our delicious selection from Nordal below. All products from Nordal can be purchased at Moodings with a price guarantee, giving you the best possible price. In addition, we also deliver your order for free as long as it is at least 499 DKK.

Display cabinets from Nordal

Nordal has been very successful in creating several pieces of furniture that have gained great popularity. One of the furniture types that they have had the most success with is their ever popular display cabinets. A display cabinet from Nordal is particularly characterized by their raw and honest expression, as well as the use of implemented quality materials. At Moodings you can buy all the popular display cabinets from Nordal, including both Viva display cabinets, Downtown display cabinets, which are some of the most popular from Nordal. Whether you need a display cabinet for the wall, floor, living room, kitchen or something else entirely, you'll find it at Moodings.

Modern Nordal mirrors

Not only does Nordal guarantee to make some hugely beautiful furniture, they are also hugely skilled at designing and producing mirrors. Among other things, Nordal is behind the hugely popular Spirit Wall mirrors, which have that distinctive New York look. These mirrors fill the landscape well and are not just an object to be reflected in. It's also a gorgeous piece of interior design that contributes positively to any home decor.

Nordal rugs

If you need some soul, warmth and intimacy in your home decor, rugs can be the best way to create just that. Nordal has produced and designed a range of rugs that have a warm and present feel. Nordal rugs come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. You are sure to find a rug that suits your home.

About Nordal

Nordal is a Danish interior brand that is family-owned and distributed throughout Europe and the United States. Nordal, together with their selected partners, share a passion for design, aesthetics and quality. Nordal was founded in 1991, and is today run by the three siblings Signe, Mads and Emil, who took over the brand from their father. Together they carry the flag high by designing beautiful furniture, delicious interiors and good craftsmanship. Nordal furniture is characterised by a raw, honest and different expression. This makes for furniture and interiors that are equal parts luxurious and original, which has been a key part of the great popularity that Nordal has achieved. See our entire delicious selection of the popular display cabinets and console tables.
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