Decorate your walls with a personal and aesthetic expression with our wide range of beautiful designer posters. Our posters come from the most talented and popular brands in Denmark.

Find great designer posters here!

Many people have most likely had their children's or teenager's room decorated in posters. Posters of their own idols, and all collected in youth or weekly magazines. Posters are, and don't have to go out of fashion over the years. A poster can be so much more than your childhood idol. Here on the site you will find giant posters, all crafted by talented designers. Put your great poster in a frame, it makes for a simple and stylish wall decoration. The range is huge and you'll find designers like CPH Studio, Minstreg and by Vogt. Each designer has their own touch and charm. Find the designer that suits your style - and find the poster you could use. While these posters can be used throughout the house, you can also find cute and fun designs that are ideal for the kids' room. So posters in the kids' room don't have to be idols anymore! Order your favourite posters today. We'll send them out so you have them between 1-4 working days. We pay the delivery costs to your nearest post box or your company address! Explore our range yourself, or take the kids with you.

Large selection of Posters

At Moodings you will find the best, widest and most versatile range of beautiful designer posters on the market. Whether you're into the creative, the fun, the modern, the proper or the old fashioned, you're sure to find a great selection of posters at Moodings. We work every day to offer all our dear customers the best selection, which is why we are constantly bringing in new brands and posters. Among others, you can find a great selection of posters from Paper Collective, Martin Schwartz, Mado, Kongstad Studio, Copenhagen Poster, Martin Moore, Foto Factory, Beautiful world and many, many more. As you can probably guess, our selection is both beautiful and impressive. You can easily find exactly the type of posters you are looking for with us. On top of that, you always get a super low price on all our posters, as well as fast delivery, so you can make your home beautiful and unique with posters as soon as possible.

Buy Posters online

It can be hard to find a decent selection of posters if you're going to a physical store. Often, only a limited selection will be on display. Luckily, that's not the case when you shop for posters online at Moodings. Sit back and be impressed and inspired by the many beautiful posters you'll find in our selection. You can also sit in the rooms where the posters will be hung, giving you the best opportunity to choose the posters that are perfect for your home.

Posters for the home

Posters play a hugely important role in the modern home. Few things are more boring than bare walls. Not only is it boring, it's uninspiring and unnecessary. Why have boring walls when you can make them aesthetic and personal at the same time with the help of our great posters. Below you can read more about all the rooms where you can benefit from improving the aesthetic with posters from Moodings.

Posters for the living room

The living room is one of the most obvious places to start if you want to decorate your home with posters. Often, the living room will have a lot of wall space that doesn't immediately add up. Here, for example, it has become hugely popular to create what is known as a "poster wall". A wall of posters is a wall where you hang a number of beautiful posters that vary in motif, colour and size, but also complement each other as a unit. You can paint the back of the wall a pastel colour to really bring the wall and the posters into your living room. Our selection allows you to create a large and beautiful wall with posters.

Posters for your room

The great thing about rooms, whether they're men's, women's, children's, teenagers' or something else entirely, is that you have free rein to decorate them according to the personality that occupies the room. When choosing posters for your room, or others from your household's room, it is beneficial to go for posters that reflect aspects of their personality. Does your teenage son love Star Wars? Then we have the posters for it! The same goes whether your interest is in art, design, music, feminism, architecture or something else entirely.

Bathroom posters

A bathroom might not be the typical place to hang a poster. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. In fact, posters are a great way to create a personal impression in the bathroom, where your particular discipline is otherwise a challenge. For example, posters from Kongstad Studio fit perfectly in the bathroom. They are both discreet, stylish and hugely body positive, which always sets the mood for everyone. In addition, they are also humorous.

Posters for the dining room

The dining room and posters go really well together. Posters in the dining room can help to emphasise and create a mood. Whether you need to make your dining room more formal, more casual or something else entirely, posters are a great and aesthetic way to do it.

Posters for the hallway

We all know about the importance of first impressions, and as you probably know, the hallway is often the first impression of your home. By creating a unique and aesthetic look in your hallway with posters, you are also creating the best first impression.

Personalise your home with posters

One of the best things about having your own home is, of course, that you can decorate it exactly the way you want. Most people really want to personalise their home, which of course there are lots of ways to do. One of the most obvious and easiest ways to create personality is by using posters that reflect something in your personality. Whether it's things you care about, things you go up or similar is secondary, the main thing is just that the poster is nice, fits your style and your home.

Posters in many sizes

At Moodings we have posters in a range of sizes, so you're free to find the right size for the place you've chosen for your poster. Whether you're looking for 14x21 cm, 21x29.7 cm, 29x42 cm, 50x70 cm or 70x100 cm, you'll find beautiful and aesthetic posters at Moodings in the sizes you're looking for. Different sizes of posters offer different decorating possibilities. The smaller sizes are perfect for decorating shelves, console tables and more, while the larger posters are more suitable for hanging. You can also create a beautiful wall by mixing the different sizes of posters for a beautiful and different look.

Original posters

At Moodings we not only sell posters from a wide range of top design studios, we also sell original Moodings posters that we have designed ourselves. You can't get these posters anywhere else. Among others, the posters titled The Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, Downtown Black, The Lightsaber, You Are Here, This Is The Sign, Do Something Great, Breathe and New York are all posters designed by the talented team behind Moodings. Shop the unique posters that have an urban and raw look. If you have a partner, child, parent or friend who is crazy about Star Wars, we highly recommend our beautiful Star Wars Posters that have an aesthetic that makes hanging them easy, even if not everyone in the household is crazy about the trilogy. Create a unique and beautiful interior with posters from Moodings.
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