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Tica Copenhagen

Tica Copenhagen is perfect for those who want to make that entrance extra special. Buy the best quality doormats, shoe trays and shoe racks with a timeless aesthetic design. Always fast delivery and free shipping over 499 DKK.

Tica Copenhagen doormats

If you need a new doormat, there's hardly a better choice than a doormat from Tica Copenhagen. Tica Copenhagen doormats are produced with 60% recycled rubber. Tica Copenhagen doormats are widely known and recognized for being reliable, durable, elegant in design and not least their enormously long life. Doormats are more important than you think. After all, it removes the worst dirt and grime from the shoes that enter your home. This protects your floor from the worst pebbles and other things, which can extend the life of your floors considerably, as well as keeping them looking nice for much longer. On top of that, of course, it also means less cleaning, which you can only be happy about. At Moodings we have different sizes of the popular doormats from Tica Copenhagen, so you can always find one that suits your style, needs and not least your entrance, hallway or door. One size is 45 x 75 centimetres and the other is 60 x 90 centimetres. Both of these sizes fit most doors, the only question is whether you prefer a large doormat or one that just covers the door. Tica doormats are, as I said, made with recycled rubber, which makes them extremely robust. This sturdiness is expressed, among other things, by their considerable weight, which has the great advantage that the doormat sits firmly and securely on the floor, and doesn't get jostled around for a good word. As a final note, Tica Copenhagen are also easy to keep neat and clean. You can both vacuum them regularly and flush them from time to time with a shower or garden hose. Remember, we also have a great selection of mirrors and posters that you can use in your hallway.

Tica Copenhagen shoe rack

If you already have a great doormat from Tica Copenhagen, you might also want to consider their beautiful shoe rack as a great addition to your hallway. Tica Copenhagen shoe racks are made of metal, designed with a delicate and timeless hole pattern. Tica Copenhagen is a versatile piece of furniture that can be hung traditionally with the front facing out, or parallel to the wall, hiding your shoes away more. It also takes up less space, which can be a big advantage for anyone with a relatively cramped entrance. As if this wasn't enough, the metal also allows you to hang all the things you use when you go out the door. For example, you can use some simple s-hooks to hang everything from keys to bike helmets and scarves. In our range of Tica Copenhagen shoe racks you will find both small and large shoe racks, shoe racks in different colours, as well as shoe racks both with or without legs. All shoe racks are delivered free of charge, and all can be purchased with a price guarantee, should you find them cheaper elsewhere. See our full range of doormats.
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