Wellbeing & Beauty

Delicious scented candles and hand soap for you or someone you care about
Do you need to treat yourself to beautiful wellbeing products or just make it a little more delicious at home in the bathroom, then you have come to just the right place.

Softening and refreshing exfoliating walnut scrub, healing body lotion, refreshing shower soap, heavenly shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, fragrant hand cream, softening oils and many other delicious products. The perfect kit to create a spa experience at home in your own bathroom. Turn on a scented candles and sit back in the bathtub and rub in the scrubbone with our indispensable scrubbing glove. Take one of our delicious towels, grease yourself with fragrant and nutritious body lotion and complete the spa experience. Then you're ready for a new day with plenty of renewed energy. And we mentioned that many of our products are organic.

The delicious design from Meraki means you don't want to hide them away. Collect the beautiful bottles and jars on a tray and place them on the edge of the bathtub or on a shelf.

In addition to well-being products, the Meraki series also spans hand soap, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing tubs and dishwashing brushes. Delicious products that make washing dishes a little more fun.

Scented candles, hand soap or well-being products – these delicious things are a great gift for the one you care about or maybe a sweet friend who deserves a little self-indulgence. If you have any questions about the products and their content, you are always welcome to consult with us before purchasing. And remember, we offer you a full 30 days right of return.
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