WOUD furniture has only existed since May 2014 but has since undergone remarkable development. The Danes quickly fell in love with the heart of the fire, following the many unique designs and the fire has experienced enormous success and a collection that, despite the fact that from the beginning, has grown exponentially year after year. Danish fire with a mission to find the greatest design talent and make their unique, innovative designs available to all. WOUD is founded by the Mia and Torben Koed couples and, together with their fifty years in the furniture and interior industry, they have some sense of relevant design. Together they work with a number of talented designers including Maja from NUR Design whose stylish, innovative designs are already on Moodings. The fire was able to generate interest right from the start with their complete, innovative collection of furniture, lighting and interior. with a complete collection designed to make the whole of the fire easily recognizable to the consumer and the emerging fire is constantly working on new ideas and innovative designs, so there are more innovative designs to look forward to from the future collections and you can find all the latest designs right here at Moodings!  


At the moment, WOUD includes more than thirty different, talented Nordic designers who all share a love of innovative, simple designs that fit into a typical Nordic home, which most often places emphasis on a minimalist, stylish expression, without compromising on functionality. In other words, WOUD designs furniture and interior that you can both live in and live with. The talented designers are carefully selected according to the passion and ambitions that match WOUD's values and visions to create long-term, future-oriented design in a world where each product has a meaning, function and purpose. Cooperation includes both emerging, promising designers and more established design names. Designers include the well-known Danish design brand Says Who, who has helped design the stylish dining table Split dining table In addition, there is the Danish designer Steffen Juul who has created the innovative, practical but aesthetic north Come here, Sidetable. Both designs are available in our Moodings range. At Moodings, we have carefully selected the most outstanding designs from WOUDs. In addition to the above, Mooding's range of WOUD's unique collection includes the chair Dining Chair Break Designed by the designer Kasper Nyman and the spectacular design trio Poiat Shelf Rectangular Coupon both in different colours and shapes, not to mention the elegant, innovative clothing rack TOYBOX by the designer Made by Michael, who represents WOUD's intention to create designs that do not compromise functionality or aesthetics in innovative design solutions, with more!  


The purpose is to create innovative ideas for their design and at the same time create designs true to the simplicity and minimalism that is pervasive in a majority of Nordic homes. The same is evident in the variety of WOUD furniture and it has part of the foundation for the brand's rapid success. The idea behind WOUD design is that their collections should reflect love at first sight through both colors, textiles, material and aesthetics. WOUD design offers a wide selection of furniture, lighting and interiors. WOUD furniture is characterized by their stylish, minimalist design that fits perfectly into any Scandinavian home without compromising the functionality of the same. The designers behind WOUD work hard to always strive for innovative design solutions, whether expressed through the choice of materials or function, while maintaining simplicity. At WOUD furniture, the aesthetic element is in the center and all furniture is made in unique, original designs that are at the same time authentic and reflect classic Scandinavian design.  


Among WOUD's range you will find everything from stylish dining tables in natural materials to stylish, comfortable sofas to innovative, uncompromising storage solutions and original lighting designs. At Moodings we have selected our absolute favourites and there is plenty to choose from. All designs are made of natural materials and materials that do not compromise on design or functionality. Materials that are both practical and elegant. All designs are unique and each design tells its own story. With WOUD furniture, you invest in designs that both compliment your unique home and assist in making your home even more personal. At Moodings you will find WOUD furniture and interiors that fit into the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or office, so you can give your entire home a timeless update with WOUD's innovative designs. Find the unique designs for your home at Moodings!
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